Using children to make a point not going over well with Quebec Minister of Education

Using children to make a point not going over well with Quebec Minister of Education

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 September 2015 – Several schools throughout the province used primary school children to form a human chain around their schools this week in an attempt to send a message to the minister of Education that public education is important.

The Minister of Education, François Blais is appalled that these particular school boards have taken upon themselves to use children of primary school age as a tool to protest a budget cutting process that is not nearly as severe as it appears. Mr. Blais claims children of that age do not understand budget cuts, know nothing about politics and have no link to the administration of schools. He has young children of his own and wouldn’t want them to be used as pawns for someone else’s frustrations.

The group called “Je protégé mon école publique” (I protect my public schools) has teamed up with parents and teachers to use the children as a dramatic way to make a point.

Minister Blais on the other hand claims the cuts to school boards are not as damaging as some school boards make them out to be. Most school boards are dealing easily with the 1% cut this year and nothing has changed in the services they offer.

One of the schools participating in the cause is a brand new school, the only new school in the region built in the last few years.

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