Where is little Cédrika Provencher?

Where is little Cédrika Provencher?

Trois-Rivières (Quebec) 10 August 2015 – It has been eight years since a little girl called Cédrika was abducted by someone in Trois Rivières on July 31, 2007. She was 10 years old at the time when a stranger asked her and a friend who were riding their bicycles, to help him find a lost puppy.

Cédrika was never seen again, and her parents and her grandfather are still out there looking and hoping that their daughter/granddaughter will show up somewhere, sometime. She has been on the Canadian Missing person’s list ever since and she will be celebrating her 18th birthday this month.

Her grandfather, Henri Provencher has set up the Fondation Cédrika Provencher with the intention of finding his grandaughter and at the same time coming up with ideas for young children which can be useful whenever there may be a suspicion of abduction in the works. Just last week he gave a talk to a group of youngsters and their parents about the traits to watch out for.

His primary concern is to get authorities and witnesses to react quickly to reports of disappearances as it is crucial to gathering pertinent information. The longer a case goes unattended the more difficult it is to find clues or witnesses.

There will be a movie coming out next year about the story, and the movie suggests there is a suspect out there, but nobody can put their finger on who exactly that person is. The mystery remains, and the town of Trois-Rivières is constantly on the lookout.

The story has also made it to international television through John Walsh and his America’s Most Wanted TV show, which is now called The Hunt with John Walsh.

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