Another hefty shipbuilding contract for Gaspé

Another hefty shipbuilding contract for Gaspé

Gaspé (Quebec) 15 July 2015 – It appears the Federal government presently in power hopes to maintain its stronghold in certain areas of the province. After handing out a substantial contract for Davie Shipbuilding in Lévis a couple of weeks ago, a new contract worth $45.8 million has just been signed with Forillon Shipbuilding in Gaspé, a town on the easternmost coast of Quebec on what is referred to as the Gaspé peninsula.

The contract is to build from scratch, six search and rescue vessels for the Canadian Coast Guard. It is the largest deal the Chantiers naval de Forillon de Gaspé has ever obtained and should keep the 50 odd employees, plus about 20 new hires, working steadily until the year 2020. If all goes well the yard could have the right to build another 4 vessels which would extend the work for another couple years.

The new boats will be made from aluminium, which is going to require some special tooling and training for the site and its employees as most such boats up until now are made from steel. The first ship from the new contract should be launched in 2017 and will be stationed at the Coast Guard facilities in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Another similar contract worth $43.4 million was signed for another six S&R vessels in Wheatley, Ontario, with the same extension possibilities.

The shipyards in Gaspé, a private enterprise, have been in business for 60 years and the owner, Robert Côté is excited to have the opportunity to keep his business up and running thanks to this new Government contract.

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