10-Minute Medicine Ball Workout

10-Minute Medicine Ball Workout

Using a medicine ball as a training tool has proven to be beneficial to most exercise routines. The intensity of any workout can be improved by the added weight the ball provides, as well the ways in which it is used. . 10-minute medicine ball workouts might be quite short, but they are very effective in burning calories, sculpting your body and even gaining additional muscle strength. You can also use cure hgh, an injectable human growth hormone, to assist you with the growth and repair of muscle tissue. You don’t need much time for you to improve your fitness. All you require is some motivation and you will be on track towards a fitter, healthier body. You might have a busy schedule but, in doing the 10-minute medicine ball workout, you can gradually obtain the appearance of a person who has invested significantly more in their fitness regime.. All you require is a medicine ball, a bit of space and 10 minutes of your time.

How to do it

You can use a medicine ball weighing about 6-8 pounds, or even up to 10 pounds. It is recommended to use one which can bounce. Each of the exercises will be take 40 seconds, plus an additional 15 seconds transition time from one activity to another. Rest should be kept to the minimum. Make sure you repeat each of the exercises at least twice.

The exercises

Plank pinball

Start in a plank position, beginning the exercise by placing the medicine ball under your hand and then spin the ball to the opposite foot. You will be using your foot to pass the ball back and forth between your hands and feet. You can start with the ball in your left hand, and then you roll it to your right foot, pass it back to your right hand, then pass it to the left foot and finally back to the left hand. Repeat before switching to a different exercise.

Alternative step-back lunge with a spinning toss

Gently throw the medicine ball, and then spin it , Every time you catch the ball, you have to look at the back of both your left and right hand. Ensure that the ball is not moving from side to side but rather spinning like a globe. You will do an alternative step-back lunge the moment you spin the ball. Spinning the ball strengthens both your arm and hand muscles. Adding a lunge to the movement will improve your coordination, making it easier to integrate the upper and lower body movements.

Glute bridge

While lying down, put the medicine ball at the back of your neck in such a way that the curve of the ball is aligned with that of the neck. Make sure your head is relaxed and entirely resting on the ball. Do a glute bridge, beginning by rolling your hips upwards, followed by the spine. As you roll both the hips and spine, your glutes should be fully engaged. You shouldn’t experience back pain as your back isn’t working harder than normal.

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