11 of 15 Jardin Mobile Branches to Close

11 of 15 Jardin Mobile Branches to Close

Quebec City (Quebec) January 11, 2015 – Having already reduced its activities in 2014, the Group Epicia closes 11 of its 15 other branches Jardin Mobile in the Quebec City area. “The increased competition in the field of food and largely unfavorable economic conditions has forced us to make this move, this saddens us deeply,” explains the Epicia Group in a statement. Jardin Mobile is a unique grocery store, offering a waide array of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and other farm produce in urban centres.

According to the CBC reports, administrative and distribution center in Quebec City and two branches The Vegetarian Market and the Jardin du Mont also close. This announcement is part of the restructuring of the retail business, who announced last spring the closure of six stores Jardin Mobile, five of them in Quebec City. Epicia will now operate four branches in Quebec.

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