$13M plans for Beauport

$13M plans for Beauport

Régis Labeaume and Administration have $13M plans for Beauport

The revitalization of Boulevard Sainte-Anne, which was abandoned for decades, is at the heart of the Team Labeaume commitment to Beauport which will total $13.2 million.

The reflection of Quebec City has already begun and public consultations were held. The sector will be a Special Planning Program (SPP), but the city is waiting to see the direction of the National Capital Commission should drop by the end of the year a study on the access to the river in this area.

“It is a priority. This is a major thoroughfare that runs through the district,” said Councillor Julie Lemieux, who is seeking a second term in the La Chute-Montmorency-Seigneurial district.

The latter, however, agreed that it will be many years before we see this artery undergo a facelift.

“We should not see it as a $25 million project. We must work step-by-step, making necessary interventions in significant places,” said Ms. Lemieux.

Mayor Régis Labeaume argued that the sector will be a “huge undertaking” in the coming years.

Pilot Project

Ms. Lemieux is also committed to expanding the centre communautaire des Chutes, located on boulevard Sainte-Anne, to integrate a “new kind” of library service point.

“It will be a service point open at atypical hours. We really want to try this kind of experience in this place,” she said.

If the experiment is successful, the project may emerge in other community centers in the city.

Electoral candidates, Jeremiah Ernould (Robert-Giffard) and Marie-France Trudel (Sainte-Therese de Lisieux) promised to improve parks in their district.

The Labeaume team wants more renovate la bâtiment d’accueil du Centre de plein air de Beauport and redevelop the historic district around the Convent of Beauport to host the officials in this sector in 2015.

Details of the Convent’s renovation and the relocation of municipal employees will be known in the next Programme triennal d’immobilisations (PTI), said Ms. Lemieux.

Recreational pool

The project to build a recreational swimming pool on the site of the Gilles Tremblay arena in Beauport is not on the list for Team Labeaume.

The mayor explained that this is a long term project which may happen as the city expands.
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