150th Canada Celebrations Planned for Quebec City

150th Canada Celebrations Planned for Quebec City

After bringing the tall ships to Quebec for the year when Canada will celebrate 150 years, the 2017 Horizon organizers are looking to the future.

They dream of a gigantic peace memorial erected in town which will constitute a majestic heritage for the Capital but also for the whole country.

During the Canadian Confederation’s 100th anniversary, the federal Government had offered Quebec City a generous participation for the construction of the Grand Théâtre de Québec and the fontaine du centenaire’s on the Plains of Abraham. For the Confederation’s 150th, the peace memorial could be the new legs from Canada to the City.

A national competition could be organized to build a concept for the monument, which will be inspired by the Découvertes memorial in Lisbon, which measures 50 metres in height. The monument will be ideally installed at l’Espace 400e, under the Dufferin-Montmorency highway or on the Pointe-à-Carcy dock.

In the fall, Quebec City agreed to disburse $550,000 to the non-profit organization, Rendez-vous naval in Quebec to organize the venue of 30 to 40 sail boats in the Capital, which will at first sail passing the East provinces. The detailed program of this event called Horizon 2017 was transmitted to Ottawa.

The organizers’ vision for the week-long activities are planned according to the theme: being the best for a better world (Être les meilleurs pour un monde meilleur). Guided tours and corporate activities on the boats, shows on the docks and in town, sports competitions between the ships, a “sailor” fashion show, and a special pirate day for kids are some of the activities on the list.

The costs were estimated at $10 million in the 2017 Horizon report but it is too soon to confirm anything about Canada’s 150th anniversary.
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