$153M down the drain

$153M down the drain

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 November 2014 – The federal government announced last week that Quebec City will be getting $153 million dollars of the federal gas tax collected. That’s a lot of money coming our way just for filling up our cars with that liquid gold.

Ottawa has allotted $223 million for the entire region which includes all the surrounding cities and towns for a total of 58 municipalities.

Quebec City mayor Régis Labeaume was questioned at a press conference as to what he expected to do with his share of the money hoping it could be spent on cultural events or for new sport facilities.

His answer was quite simple, “…pipes, it will be used primarily for pipes.” What kind of pipes one would wonder. Drainage pipes, conductive pipes, basically any pipes that are used to supply or transport water in and around the city’s infrastructure.

Gas tax money is supposed to be used to maintain or rebuild municipal infrastructures, but the Federal minister Denis Lebel said if there was some money left over after repairing the waterworks system it could be used for other things.

The mayor however seems to think that all the money will be used to repair old and broken pipes throughout the city, explaining that there wasn’t anything too sexy about it all but, it was work that needed to be done and he would maintain a transparent attitude as to where the money will go.

There are older buildings in the city where the plumbing is ancient and defective and this money could go towards installing new water supply pipes to some of these older structures.

It’s like when we spend money on car repairs; nothing material to show for our money but, everything works better in the end.

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