$2 Million Going, Going, Gone

$2 Million Going, Going, Gone

Going once, going twice, goooonnnneeee!!!

Quebec-49_LottoAt 4:30 pm on Thursday, the $2 million winner of Quebec 49 from July 25th, 2012 will have to face their loss even if they find the ticket at a later date.

Lost in a pocket, damaged in the washing machine or simply thrown away, there is still no answer.

After Thursday, the ticket will have no value at all. Loto-Quebec sent a last call to whoever could own the ticket bought in Sept-Îles.

The winning numbers are 11-20-28-29-33-39.

If the amount is not requested, the amount will be placed in the funds for extra prizes. For security reasons, it is impossible to reveal the exact sale point. A merchant will also lose the 1% given to the vendor, in this case $20,000.

There are 8500 sale points and Sept-Îles reduces this amount to 30. The company must not create stress and it must avoid the creation of fake tickets.
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