2013-2014 Plowed Into the Red

2013-2014 Plowed Into the Red

Quebec City (Quebec) 3 October 2014 – Last winter was one of the more difficult winters that Quebec City and its snow removal team have had to deal with in a while, causing the city to spend $3.3 million more than its normal budget. It does not create a major problem however as the city will simply draw from its reserve if they have to. The money calculated for snow removal is from January to December for any given year so there is still time to recuperate the $3.3 million if the weather stays nice until at least late November.

Last year Quebec City removed 196.9 centimetres of the white stuff between January and April which was a good 20+ centimetres more than the normal which hovers around 172 cm.

The city always has a reserve on hand for just such emergencies as the amount of snow that falls during a winter is always unpredictable, and nothing so far has beaten the famous winter of 2008 when we had more than 540cm dumped on the city.

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