2013 According to you

2013 According to you

Jackie_Smith_Headshot Cynthia_Sheehan_Headshot_Small Ross-Murray_headshot Mafia_Casino_Farnell Colin_Standish_Headshot Stephanie-Fraser_Headshot Vida_Delfin_Verreault Louise-Carroll-headshot Jason_Enlow_Headshot Sheila_Quinn_Zombies Job_Patstone_Headshot Beverly_Akerman_Headshot Peter-Black_CBC Bill_Russell_Headshot Dave_Parker_Hockey Jeremie-de-Serres_headshot Lyndsey_Rosevear_Headshot Martin_LalancetteAs we enter 2014 and look forward to the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, we thought we’d have a quick look back at key events in 2013 according to you.

Thanks to a dedicated team of writers and bloggers, LifeinQuebec.com was truly put on the map last year.

The posts, articles, and opinions below garnered considerable interest locally, nationally, and indeed internationally.


Jackie Smith’s Our Home and Native Land kicked off the year with this emotive op-ed piece on the government’s proposed bill C-45. The author likened the bill to someone taking a wrecking ball to your house – just because they could.

Read Our Home and Native Land

Cynthia Sheehan – Chargée d’enseignement – entrepreneuriat, FSA Laval, explains more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Quebec. Sure there’s mountains of red tape (it wouldn’t be Quebec without it) and it’s a tough, lonely road, but not as difficult as you might think.

Read Being an Entrepreneur in Quebec

In Two Siblingtudes, CBC columnist, humourist, and author Ross Murray ‘discusses’ the relationship between Quebec and the rest of Canada. Two bickering siblings, or at each other’s throats – you decide.

Read Two Siblingtudes

Farnell Morisset provides the info as we’re the first to break the news that Les Boys Il était une fois will be filmed in part in Quebec High School.

Read Les Boys Movie to be filmed in part at Quebec High School


Colin Standish wrote about there being only 3 bilingual villages left in the Townships if the provincial government got their way. Colin, a Townshipper, displays real feeling here with this subject being so close to home. This well-thought out op-ed piece eventually led to Colin appearing on Tout le monde en parle, the popular Sunday night chat show on Radio-Canada.

Read Only Three Bilingual Villages to Remain in the Townships

Ross Murray asks ‘Am I a Quebec Yet?’ With Pauline Marois in his dreams and a Hydro bill in his hand, he just might be by now.

Read Am I a Quebec Yet?

The Punch Club – a little known seasonal improv show right here in Quebec City. Farnell Morisset gives the group some air here.

Read Improv Hits the Streets – Punch Club


Quebec resident Stephanie Fraser was so incensed about one contributor’s article on Bill 14, she weighed in with her own thoughts.
We love it when this happens, we’re all for free speech and freedom of thought. Got something to say, we’ll give you the platform.

Read Bill 14 Article Shocking and Alarmist

Sometimes our residents do escape all the warmth and homeliness that Quebec has to offer to sample the delights of life elsewhere.
In this instance, Jérémie de Serres, an immigration lawyer by trade, talks about Life in Hong Kong. This article led to the author being contacted by the South China Morning Post asking if he’d like to write for them. That newspaper is that region’s largest English-language newspaper and is read by millions.

Read Life in Hong Kong

Colin Standish is back, this time sharing his experience of appearing on national TV in another language.
Into the Lion’s Den sees Colin on Tout le monde en parle where he was grilled by hosts Guy A. Lepage and Dany Turcotte.

Read Into the Lion’s Den

Ross Murray is back and this time talks of living in English in Quebec. Not that easy, and certainly not recommended. Unless you’re Ross, then that’s OK.

Read U and Moi


Vida Delfin Verrault talks candidly about the realities of trying to find work in Quebec if your first language isn’t French.
Not easy, but perseverance clearly pays off. This is a must read for anyone in the process of moving to Quebec.

Read The Quebec Employment Ladder: One Rung at a Time

Antipodean Louise Carroll stops in Quebec and says hello. As just about everyone does, she falls in love with Quebec City.

Read An Aussie in Quebec

In this interview with Jason Enlow, Jacob Sweeney, currently turning out for the Moncton Wildcats in the Quebec junior hockey league, talks about his hockey career and aspirations for the future.

Read Nothing is Impossible


Ross Murray on being over-friendly. It’s all the rage, apparently.

Read Hugs and Howdy Do’s

Quebec City tour guide Stephen Marchessault, author of the Life in Québec Magazine Walking Tour Souvenir Edition, talks about the experience of getting everything down on paper. Just how do you get years of knowledge into 20 manageable pages?

Read Stephen Talks ‘Walking Tour’


You can’t keep him away from the keyboard for long – you know who on Montreal killing us. Are they? Is it?
Ross Murray puts forward his argument involving hipsters, seediness, moustaches, and an author or two.

Read Montreal, you’re Killing Us

Jackie Smith on how something completely unQuébécois (is that a word?) helped save Quebec’s national celebration on June 24th.
Where you there? Did you celebrate with a beer or two and a bonfire?

Read How Krishna Saved St Jean Baptiste Day


Canada Day and camping. Yes, that thing in a tent we do in the summer. Jason Enlow and the family adventure fully explained.

Read Canada Day Camping in Quebec

Colin Standish returns with this op-ed piece about the Lac-Mégantic tragedy. From a political angle, it seems the region became a flashpoint for provincial and federal struggles.

Read History Repeats Itself

How many of us swim in Quebec? Many of us, it seems. But how many of us are as mad as this guy? Ross Murray looks at this intrepid explorer.

Read The Ahkadooi Schwimmer


Sheila Quinn joined the team back in August and kicked off with a whole bunch of confessions. They ranged from being a genius to some sort of earth-mother style clothing guru. Yep, we weren’t sure either, but loads of you read the piece and seemed to agree with the author.

Read Confessions of an Exuberant Reactionary

This month also saw the emergence of ‘Lucky James’ as someone you liked to read. He talks here of the NDP and Jack Layton. How important were the two to our province?

Read The NDP and Jack Layton: Why?

Job Patstone got really angry about going shopping of all things. Is it THAT difficult to get what you want in the supermarkets of Quebec? Or is it the people. Do shoppers become possessed once inside these golden palaces?

Read Could I get by please

Ho, Ho Hold the Symbols – Jason Enlow offered this handy cut-out-and-keep guide for anyone thinking of moving to Quebec.
This one got picked up by a radio station in Alberta and he appeared on their morning show as a result.

Read Moving to Quebec – A Newcomer’s Guide


September was clearly a busy month with every man and his dog getting in on the act. Everything was fine according to this author. Comprehension of the French language and SAINT-OOO-BEAR come to the fore.

Read Everything’s Just Fine

Sheila Quinn invited everyone to stop whining to aid the healing of her sensitive ears. Aw, bless.

Read eConfession 4 My ears are bleeding

Published author Beverly Akerman waded into the public health debate as a result of those pesky Ontarians attempting to woo all of our qualified health professionals across the provincial border. Who cares what’s on your head, said Ontario, they’re more interested in what’s in it. Mme Akerman responds.

Read Don’t poach our doctors in Quebec’s time of need

Job Patstone also popped back to stick his oar in about tipping. Should we tip and if so, how much?
And how much is too much? Do we leave no tip, or a 1 cent tip? It’s a toughie, and it’s explained right here.

Read To Tip or not to Tip

This month also saw CBCs Peter Black begin writing for Life in Québec. This piece discussed the merits of Quebec wines.
Do they ‘open the sluices at both ends’ or are they drinkable?

Read Quebec wines becoming quaffable


In October this poster discussed horticulture. Trees, weeds, gardening and all sorts. It’s not what you think.
This article was read in its thousands. And thanks for doing so. Clearly it resonated with many across Quebec.

Read Am I a tree or a weed?

In October Lucky James reappeared to highlight the consequences of political ignorance. Political ignorance, us, in Quebec. Are you entirely sure?

Read The dire consequences of political ignorance

Bill Russell, for months sat patiently on the sidelines reading posts from another of Quebec’s long standing adopted residents, could stay silent no longer. Driving in the province caught this man’s ire. And how.

Read Rules of the road in Quebec

And that very resident has been watching TV. Lots of it. And the ads, the stupid, stupid ads are just too much for him these days.

Read Listen carefully to ads, are we that stupid?


The Quebec values charter was all over the news in November, and Colin Standish had a look at it for us.
He asked if it really reflected what ‘true Quebecers’ wanted? But what is a true Quebecer? Does anyone actually know?
Whatever the answer, this opinion piece examines if human dignity is at stake.

Read 24 word title obscures real scope of ‘values charter’

Bill Russell followed up on his Quebec driving piece with a look at it from a different angle: the pedestrian.
Apparently, according to some, we’re all pedestrians. What say you?

Read We’re all pedestrians

And the good news is ‘Ranty Man’ is back again, this time with a look at lateness.
Mr P asks, in his own inimitable style ‘Why can’t people show up on time and have a bit of respect for others?’

Read Sorry I’m late, again!

The end of the month saw Dave Parker weigh in with a piece on his beloved hockey, his beloved jazz music (he’s in a couple of awesome bands) and songwriting. Does the big time with CBC’s songwriting competition await?

Read Hockey, jazz, and songwriting


We see out the year with a look at Canadian taxes. Does anyone have any idea whatsoever how they actually work?
All we know is, they keep an awful lot of people in business, but whether they should or not is a completely different story.

Read The donut tax

That brings 2013 nicely to a close thanks in no small part to a great bunch of writers, bloggers, and contributors.

A big thanks to all involved for commenting on all manner of things throughout what was clearly an extremely busy year.
Here’s hoping for more of the same in 2014.

Got something you want to say? We’ll be your voice.

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