2013 Dedicated to the Filles du Roi

2013 Dedicated to the Filles du Roi

Filles_du_roiQuebec, 21 February 2013 – The Filles du Roi Historical Society (SHFR) in collaboration with the Quebec-France Association and many more Quebec organizations underlines in 2013 the 350th anniversary of the arrival of the Filles du Roi sent on a boat from La Rochelle in 1663.

The arrival of these girls in Quebec on L’Aigle D’Or for the opening ceremony of the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France (7th August) will give an incredible experience to the population.

Then, many events will continue along the St. Lawrence River in the villages where the Filles du Roi established themselves. The boat trip will end on August 17th in Montreal where they will be received at the Saint-Gabriel House for a grand ball. In 2013, more than 60 commemoration activities are planned throughout the whole Quebec region.

The activities dedicated to the Filles du Roy have already begun around the province since January. In France, the commemoration will begin in June while a series of events and conferences are organized by the Franco-Quebec Commission in places where people often commemorated the departure of the boat in the past.

Mothers of the Nation

In 1663, they were 36 women from Paris and other northern and western regions of France who went on this adventure and established themselves in New-France. They had to have families and contribute to populate the French colony in North America.

The arrival of these women in New-France is an important historical fact since it made the colony grow. The 2013 commemorations create the dream opportunity to open windows to finally make these women known in France and Quebec.

The SHFR recruited 36 women from Quebec and France to incarnate the Filles du Roy part of the first trip in 1663. They participate to commemoration activities planned in France and Quebec.

Passionate fans and volunteers, the Filles du Roy in 2013 give up their leisure time for the preparation of this big historical adventure. Each will deeply study the life of the women they chose to represent.

The SHFR is working hard to recruit girls who represent well the time period. Women who arrived in New-France in 1663 were often very young.

The group counts six women aged between 18 and 25-years old. A 10-year old will also be following her mother in France.

The Roter Sand d’écoMaris was chosen to bring the 36 girls to Quebec, Three-Rivers, and Montreal. ÉcoMaris accepted to rename the boat L’Aigle D’Or during the commemoration.

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