FEQ50: 24 Years of the Backstreet Boys on the Plains

FEQ50: 24 Years of the Backstreet Boys on the Plains

Review by Nathalie Peron

Québec City (Québec) July 9th, 2017, Festival d’été de Québec, Scène Bell – It was a grateful Backstreet Boys that played to a jammed packed venue on the Plains, their largest audience ever to their recollection. Québec’s legendary love for the band poured out of the audience well before they were due to appear, as the crowd started chanting their name during the set change, chant that transformed to screaming at the slightest technical twitch. And the love was returned at many occasions as well, the band admitting that it was thanks to Québec that they were able to break in the United States.

Although they needed breaks in their performance – gaps that were filled by a couple of video and photo montages of their careers as well as performances by the accompanying dancers – the band still had it; the voices were even, the tone was just and the dancing was sharp. And they really seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves, as though they were performing on home turf (which, frankly, they were). All the songs were well known hits and the audience gladly joined in. At some point during the show, Brian Littrell took some time to talk to the crowd and got the whole audience singing with barely any prompting.

Looking tired a bit, they slowed down with an a cappella rendition of All I Have to Give, but they weren’t completely out and still had some left for the encore performance of Backstreet’s Back with full choreography.

Opening for the Backstreet Boys was Nick Jonas who offered a surprising performance with a much heavier sound than expected with a very present electric guitar, bass and drums. Jonas himself took on his guitar for a couple songs as well. He definitely got the audience going, playing fan favorites, such as Bacon, Chains, Close and Jealous that got the audience screaming for more and itching for the main event.

And before Jonas, Québec native Jonathan Roy performed a selection of his own rock-blues and reggae sounds as well as some well-loved covers, such as Marley’s Three Little Birds and Alex Nevsky’s On leur a fait croire to a rapidly filling venue. It was a touching moment when a break was taken during his performance in order for the Festival to award him a gold disc for the success of his single Daniella Denmark.


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