25 Hours of Exercise for Fonds Josée Lavigueur d’Opération Enfant Soleil

25 Hours of Exercise for Fonds Josée Lavigueur d’Opération Enfant Soleil

More than 1 200 participants that took part in the recent fourth edition of the Defi Cardio 25 heures for the Fonds Josée Lavigueur d’Opération Enfant Soleil.

For 25 hours, they simultaneously ran and cycled for this cause in the 70 Energie Cardio centres in the Quebec province and were encouraged financially and mentally by thousands of Quebecers due to their great generosity. More than $500,000 have been raised so far and the final amount will be presented to Operation Enfant Soleil during the Telethon on June 2nd.

Brought by the Energie Cardio Network, the challenge was to  consecutive hours of cardiovascular exercise, from May 25, 9 am, to May 26, 10 am, as a team. It was also possible to participate 30 minutes for people who did not want to participate for the whole 25 hours.

To encourage the participants and to thank them for their effort, the spokesman, Josée Lavigueur, and the event organizers, Isabelle Huot, Ben K7, Philo Lirette, Danny Berger, and Gabriel Paladry went around many fitness centres.

The Fonds Josée Lavigueur d’Opération Enfant Soleil’s mission is to prevent illnesses for children with a handicap. Money collected from the challenge will be distributed to the organizations and places where the ill children go to fulfill this mission.

The partnership between Energie Cardio and Operation Enfant Soleil started in 1999 and collected over $2 700 000 in donations for the children.
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