3 Doors Down at 2015 Festivent in Lévis

3 Doors Down at 2015 Festivent in Lévis

Main pic: Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down, Festivent 2015, Lévis (Québec). Photo credit: Andrew Greenfield.

It’s no secret that rock bands are popular across Quebec and the good ones are appreciated wherever they perform in the province.3_Doors_Down_2_Festivent_2015

Formed in 1996 in Escatawpa, Mississippi, 3 Doors Down, with over 20 million albums sold to date ventured back north to entertain the masses. And entertain they did.

They last played in the region 10 years ago at the Agora. Band members have come and gone since then. Originally a 3-piece, they now boast 5 members. Guitarists, drummer, keyboard, and the lead singer. Just the right balance.

Although rain threatened all evening, the onslaught initially held off and certainly did not deter the crowd.

The group began in style with a keyboard solo, albeit slightly earlier than the scheduled 9.30pm start time.

This took the official photographers by surprise as they sprinted to the stage from the media area.

The crowd didn’t seem to notice – they were already going nuts by the time lead singer Brad Arnold got his vocal chords revved up.
There were a couple of small stands (bleachers) on either side of the stage at the back. They were filled with some lucky fans. Up close and personal with current band members Brad Arnold, Chris Henderson, Greg Upchurch, Chet Roberts, and Justin Biltonen. For loyal fans it doesn’t get much better.

3 Doors Down ran through their arsenal of tracks. Exactly what everyone had turned out in force for.

To the obvious delight of the assembled rock fans, most of the tracks from their 2012 Greatest Hits album were given an airing.

Brad Arnold addressed the fans on a number of occasions throughout the performance ‘We love so very much, thank you, God bless you’ he often said.

At the beginning of the encore Arnold came out with ‘I sincerely hope you’ve had as much fun as we’ve had tonight. Sing with us.’

And then with a smile and in front of an entirely appropriate green-lit backdrop the welcome sounds of the much awaited-for anthem, Kryptonite filled the air.

The heavens finally gave way. The rain began to lash down but people were still having too much of a good time to leave.

When I’m gone completed the evening’s set, Arnold moving into the crowd to greet fans during the track.

‘Thank you Lévis. Thank you Festivent’ offered Arnold as 3 Doors Down took the spotlight and bowed to the crowd.

Fans dispersed into the night, drenched, happy, and filled with the memories and sounds of their favourite tunes.

Set list – Here without you, Duck and run, The broken, Let me go, Away from the sun, Not my time, Changes, Road I’m on, Do it in the dark, Loser, Behind those eyes, Danko, Still alive, Landing in London, The better life, Citizen soldier

Encore – Kryptonite, When I’m gone


Festivent runs in Lévis (Québec) between Wednesday 29 July and Sunday 2 August inclusive.

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