30 robberies within a year by 21-year old Quebec man

30 robberies within a year by 21-year old Quebec man

Quebec City (Quebec) 30 April 2015 – It might be a record but who’s counting? It appears someone is counting and the young man, Frédérick Chênevert made it clear to police when he was arrested that he has committed at least 32 thefts in the last year. Police put that number at around 50 but, can only find evidence for 30 cases. M. Chênevert has stolen cars, appliances, credit and debit cards and even a check-book to make out false cheques.

Surprisingly enough M. Chênevert is training to be a fire-fighter for the Notre-Dame-de-Foy college in Cap Rouge.

To steal cars he would arrive at a dealer and ask to take a test drive but would never return with the vehicle. Instead he posted the cars for sale on a web-site and sold them himself. He once rented an apartment from an ad and overnight, emptied the rooms of their contents which included computers, televisions and different electrical apparatus.

He once stole one of his girlfriend’s credit cards and debit card to purchase things he would resale to someone else. None of the victims involved proclaimed that M. Chênevert had a problem with drugs or alcohol. Police however, say he has been suspected before on charges of fraud.

At certain times he would return some of the things stolen, probably because he couldn’t sell them. Police think that M. Chênevert may have a psychological problem or that he was trying to prove something.

He will be sentenced in court in the month of June.

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