32nd Opération Nez Rouge campaign begins

32nd Opération Nez Rouge campaign begins

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 November 2015 – Operation Nez Rouge began it season with a bang on Friday night as the volunteers escorted nearly 1,900 people.

According to the agency, in 1839 volunteers across Québec to offered 1886 rides to fellow citizens.

And as we begin the 32nd Operation Nez Rouge campaign, management has confirmed the company is set to reach its remarkable two millionth ride home.

The popular service allows people who have had a drink to be escorted home safely with their own vehicle driven by a volunteer, while inviting them to donate to a charity.

Nez Rouge was created in Québec City by Jean-Marie de Koninck with a small group of volunteers whose goal was to raise funds for the swimming team of Université Laval.

The idea was so successful that it has been used to date by seven provinces, from New Brunswick to British Columbia for a total of 104 communities.

The operation, which will continue into the night from December 31st to January 1st, is set to offer some 75,000 rides with the help of nearly 50,000 volunteers. The overwhelming majority of this activity, however, is concentrated in the founding province of the project, Québec alone accounting for 55,000 rides of the 75,000 and 40 volunteers.

The idea has also crossed the Canadian border. In fact, Operation Nez Rouge is now active in Switzerland, France, and Portugal. Even Australia has expressed interest this year.

According to organizers, the amount of donations – fully paid to sport organizations and youth – are set to reach nearly $ 1.5 million.

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