4 year old killed by dog

4 year old killed by dog

Purvinituq_signIn a small, remote northern Québec town called Puvirnituq, the body of a young child was found last Saturday in a field between two houses, which appears to have been the victim of an attack by one of the village’s dogs.

An autopsy has been planned for the beginning of the week in Montreal to determine the cause of death but, in all probability, the results will only confirm the theory. The Québec provincial Police were called in by the local Kativik Police force to investigate the crime, a practice which is common in the region as the SQ (QPP) has more resources available, and is always present to assist the local Northern police at all times. Police will try to find any witnesses who may have heard or even seen something that could reaffirm the consequences of the incident.

Usually charges would be laid against the owner of the dog but, in these remote Northern towns, dogs are a way of life and all the animals belong to the village as a whole meaning no one really owns the dog outright, making it difficult to lay charges against any one individual.

Puvirnituq is situated in the region of Nunavik, an extreme northern area of Québec bordering on the Hudson Bay and is serviced by air only, making it an important air traffic terminal for the people of the North, furnishing an essential import and export assistance to the different localities.
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