$400 Million?

$400 Million?

Following our Nordiques Guessing Game article from earlier this week, LifeinQuebec.com received this considered response from  regular reader, Peter Bisson:

Imagine if you will, you are in a boat on the open sea, observing a bloated carcass of a whale floating and you see a great white shark feasting on this whale ripping it’s flesh off with extended jaws and eyes rolled back . 

The whale is the tax payers, our taxes, our contribution for a better tomorrow for our city and our society and the shark is Quebecor enjoying a feeding frenzy after so long a wait for the victim to give up it’s will. 

Am I against having an eventual return of a National Hockey Team back in Quebec City ?

Not at all!

Am I against a price tag of  $ 400 Million for the construction of the Amphitheater / Arena?

You can bet your last dollar I am!

The Winnipeg Jets, who have returned after a long hiatus abroad, moved into the M.T.S. Center which has a seating capacity of fifteen thousand and at a cost of construction of $ 153 Million.

Winnipeg being just as much a hockey city as Quebec and with a team that renders it’s citizens proud by their performance and prouder still by the knowledge of a Private-Public-Partnership that delivered the goods.

Quebec City’s projected price tag of $ 400 Million and with the 1976 Olympic Games (Montreal) cost overrun still fresh in our collective minds, we can predict the cost of this project to go beyond what was stated at the press conference.

This difference in cost will be passed on to the Hockey Fan in the form of a King’s Ransom for tickets to attend a Hockey Game and, when the Hockey season ends will this Amphitheater be able to pay for itself with shows from International artists such as Rammstein or Madonna when in reality Quebec City is known for it’s many outdoor festivities such as the summer festival? 

I am afraid that this project, now a reality, with this outrageous price tag will redefine the meaning of Private-Public-Partnership as seen with Winnipeg’s arena success into Pay-Poor-Public with Quebec City’s Amphitheater!

Time will tell, meanwhile don’t jump off the boat .

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