41k$ lawsuit over Volkswagen emissions by one owner

41k$ lawsuit over Volkswagen emissions by one owner

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 December 2015 – Six years after buying the “Green Car of the Year”, the owner of a 2009 Jetta is demanding over $ 41,000 from Volkswagen for having cheated in the wake of the company’s scandal in emissions fraud engines.

“For six years, the complainant and his wife thought that they were driving the greenest car; it was rather the opposite. Apparently, they were driving a car that is most harmful to the environment,” states the civil lawsuit brought by Jean-Philippe Groleau in the Court of Quebec.

Groleau, a lawyer representing himself, says he has an environmental conscience.  This is why he bought a Jetta with diesel engine in 2009, voted at the time “Greenest Car of the Year” by a US magazine.

“The choice of vehicle was made based mainly on environmental performance,” he wrote in his suit.

Now, six years and 91,000 km later, last September’s engine scandal has changed the situation. In light of the events, we discovered that a software allowing cars like the Jetta to “cheat” when tested for their emission of pollutants was installed in Volkswagen vehicles.

“The complainant was duped […]. He would never have bought that car without Volkswagen’s misleading arguments in favor of the environment,” reads the court document.

The situation therefore calls for the cancellation of the sales contract, but also $ 10,000 in punitive damages. Groleau even indicates that he is ready to return the car to Volkswagen “as soon as the place is confirmed to him.” He expects, however, that the manufacturer take care of the maintenance until the end of the file.

Since the outbreak of the scandal, several class actions were filed in Canada and Québec for amounts up to $ 5000 and $ 10,000.

“We have yet to determine the measures to be taken for ensuring compliance of the TDI models (diesel), but we are actively looking for a solution,” says Volkswagen Canada on its website.

The automaker and Volkswagen dealership did not comment.

Last September, Volkswagen acknowledged that the scandal could affect 11 million of its vehicles worldwide. The value of its shares on the stock market fell sharply.

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