5.6k$ Golf Bag at Heart of Insurance Case

5.6k$ Golf Bag at Heart of Insurance Case

Lévis (Quebec) 19 August 2015 – In May of last year, out for a day of golf with his wife, Serge Dupont hit the links with his $5,600 golf-bag, a golf cart and the mindset to play a game under par on a golf course called La Tempête de Lévis when suddenly they were cautioned off the course because of a threat of lighting.

They returned to the club-house, parked the cart and left their bags in a special locker room designated for corporate members only. The next day the couple returned to fetch their bags and lo and behold, although the wife’s bag was there, M. Dupont’s was not.

After much searching and questioning, M. Dupont’s $5,600 golf bag was never found. He made a claim to his insurance company which after almost a year finally payed out the value of the bag to its owner and all is apparently well.

Now however, it appears the insurance company is suing the St. Nicholas golf club for negligence in regards to the safety of player’s equipment claiming the bag in question was either poorly stored or wasn’t protected from theft.

So now M. Dupont is back playing golf with a new bag, while his Golf Club is fighting his insurance company for the repayment of the original.

If the insurance company wins their case, it could be a “hole in one” victory for both the golfer and his Insurance Co.

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