5 cool things to do in winter

5 cool things to do in winter

Sooner or later we all need some changes. Especially in winter, when even the nature takes some rest and everybody gets only one goal – to survive until spring.

People mostly eat, sleep and work. No one will deny that the most awful workload falls on the coldest season. People spend more hours at their offices, coming home to eat, shower and check the news.

Are there any ways of turning back to life life was in March? Australians are quite creative and active. But there should be something absolutely new to bring their taste to life back.

Most of them prefer couch life checking their favorite Australian online casino no deposit bonus from time to time. Or they like to spend time watching some lazy TV series that do not require a lot of brain activity.

We offer our own list that can skyrocket anyone’s mood in ten minutes. Fasten seat belts and check this out:

Whale watching

Living so close to one of the biggest world’s natural miracles leaves most of Aussies indifferent. Only tiny part of them was in touch with one of the most magnificent creatures alive.

What are we waiting for? Millions of tourists are attracted to this destination to capture huge animals fighting the waters of ocean. Join them this winter.


Summer is a fantastic season for a barbeque or a picnic somewhere in the park. Winter picnics are even better. Warm drinks, ginger cookies and other typically winter food will add some featured mood to your daily routine.

Such activities will add a few centimeters to your waist as well. But warm summer sun will melt it all away. So, do not worry and just go for it.

Dolphin Resort

This is the place you should visit with your family as soon as possible. Who can regret feeding or playing with these smart fellows?

There is no better season for dolphin therapy. Even watching these animals can take away stress, depression and bring back will to life.

Just what we all sometimes need to get back on Earth.

Go hiking

Seriously, just take a backpack and go somewhere. Any place that is strange for you fits. They say no one comes back the same after a travel.

Travelling with friends is cool, traveling alone is risky. But we live only once – it is enough for taking risks.

Do not forget to take a phone and a charger with you. Watch your things so that you could call for help any moment it is needed.

Ask someone out

Make it a very special day just for you two. Find a nice place to repeat your fist date if you already had one, or invite a person you really like if you are single.

Scientists say, couples made in winter are the strongest. Maybe it is your lucky year? Only one way to find out!

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