50 Canadians who changed the world

50 Canadians who changed the world

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50 Canadians Who Changed the World, by Ken McGoogan, Priced $29.99, Published by Harper Collins

Of the 50 amazing people spoken about in this book (many of whom are still alive at the time of writing), at least 9 are from Quebec province, or have an affinity with our own corner of Canada.

Nestled among activists, visionaries, painters, writers, filmmakers, humanitarians, actors, musicians, athletes, scientists, and inventors, you’ll find Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Roméo Dallaire, Guy Laliberté, Chester Brown, Michaëlle Jean, Oscar Peterson, 50_Canadians_BookJacques Plante, Leonard Cohen, and Céline Dion.

Canadian PM Pierre Elliott Trudeau legalized contraception, abortion, and lotteries, and decriminalized homosexuality – once declaring that “The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.”

Canadian General Roméo Dallaire witnessed the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Today he is a senator and represents the province of Quebec.

Street juggler Laliberté changed the face of the circus as we know it and became Canada’s youngest billionaire.
Brown helped create a new genre of graphic novels, Jean became the Governor General of Canada, Peterson wowed the New York jazz crowd, Montreal Canadians’ net-minder Plante donned a face mask and altered hockey forever, Cohen and Dion – well they don’t really need an introduction do they.

You’ll enjoy reading about the other Canadians too, but those with Quebec in their blood certainly take some beating in their respective fields of expertise.

Review by Des Burkinshaw


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