500 New Costumes for Local Theatre Group

500 New Costumes for Local Theatre Group

Theatre groups all share the same dream: to have on hand a wide range of costumes to make their characters come to life in their various productions. It is now a dream come true for L’École des Arts de la Rive-Sud

This project was, at first, an opportunity. Having been made aware that the person renting them costumes was selling his stock, the school’s team, in collaboration with the department of arts and culture in the City of Lévis and the Economic Development Society of Lévis ( CLD), sought a way to purchase this profitable and varied inventory. 

From this came the idea of opening a costume shop accessible to both the school students and general population. This is a real treasure trove that was constructed in the basement of the Cultural Centre of Lévis. With more than $30,000 brought by their partners in this adventure, L’École des Arts de la Rive-Sud has acquired an inventory of more than 500 costumes for all ages and all occasions. 

This non-profit organization takes an entrepreneurial turn and with financial support in the form of grant funds through the Sociale Economy Entreprise Development of Lévis, a dressing room has been fitted and a lucrative service offering can be done. 

To enable people to discover this collection of costumes, L’École des Arts de la Rive-Sud held on October 4 and 5 at Les Galeries Chagnon, a Red Carpet event making disguised models walk down isles.

Bear in mind that for over twenty years, L’École des Arts de la Rive-Sud is a non-profit organization that is known for its Art, Language, and Sports program (PALS). To better meet the needs of its customers, it offers theatre, improvisation, and visual arts activities.
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