$500,000 for La Route Verte

$500,000 for La Route Verte

HÉBERTVILLE – Federal Minister, Denis Lebel confirmed the $ 500,000 funding to improve the stretch of the Route verte of the Véloroute des Bleuets, which crosses through the municipality of Hébertville, in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

“Tourist infrastructure contributes to economic diversification, as well as growth and employment,” said Minister Lebel. “This is why our Government has made the choice to financially support the improvement of the segment of the Route Verte which crosses through the municipality of Hébertville.”

The municipality of Hébertville will use federal funding to improve the bicycle path that runs along the road connecting the rang du Lac-Vert to rue Turgeon and the road linking the rue Turgeon at the entrance of Hébertville, as well as to paving the path that runs along the rang Saint-Isidore, Saint-André and Lac-Vert. Through the project, the funding aims to improve the quality and safety of the path and to increase the number of users.

The financial aid announced Thursday amounted to $ 500,000. It is granted in the form of non-repayable contribution, under the Community Improvement Infrastructure Fund (FAIC).

Millions of Dollars

The FAIC is equipped with $150 million for over two years, including $31.2 million that is allocated to Quebec, where the agency has the responsibility to administer the fund. It aims to support rehabilitation and improvement, including the expansion of existing community infrastructure.

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