6 fun facts about blacksmithing

6 fun facts about blacksmithing

It’s mighty hot in there: fun facts about blacksmithing

MONTREAL — Les Forges de Montreal, which teaches the ancient techniques of forging metal, is involved in a lease dispute with the City of Montreal. Some facts about blacksmithing:

1. Traditional blacksmithing uses the four elements: earth (the iron); air (to increase heat of coals); water (to cool the metal); and fire (to forge).

2. Coal forges in a blacksmith’s workshop reach temperatures of roughly 1,600 C.

3. All that is needed to forge metal is coal, an anvil, hammer and borax powder (to prevent oxidation).

4. Basic skills needed to learn to be a blacksmith are punching holes through metal, welding two pieces of metal together and cutting metal.

5. Preferred metals are iron and steel because of their strength and durability.

6. A good student can become a blacksmith in about three years.

Source: Les Forges de Montreal

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