60 year old cyclist dies in Sherbrooke, Québec

60 year old cyclist dies in Sherbrooke, Québec

A 60 year old cyclist died tragically, Thursday evening in Sherbrooke.  After failing to stop at a sign, the man was hit by a truck.

The fatal accident took place at around 6:20pm, at the intersection of rues Dominion and Québec.  “The cyclist was turning north on rue Québec when the truck rolled onto Dominion towards the west.  The cyclist didn’t stop like he should have, so he was hit by the vehicle,” said Martin Carrier, spokesperson for Sherbrooke Police Service.

At the scene, efforts were made to resuscitate the cyclist, but without success.  “That night, his death was announced at the hospital,” confirmed a police officer of SPS.

Investigators attempted to re-construct the scene of the accident until 11:00pm.  “In this case, we have witnesses.  The statement that the cyclist ignored the obligatory stop has been confirmed,” said Mr. Carrier, reminding people that the highway safety code also applies to cyclists.

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