6000 Girls to Participate in Fitness Run

6000 Girls to Participate in Fitness Run


For the fifth consecutive year, thousands of teenage girls will take part in FitSpirit’s FitClub challenge run. FitClub is a program that encourages girls to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle. This year, more than 6,000 participants from schools across Quebec and Ontario will take part in three huge regional events.

For the past eight weeks, teenage girls enrolled in the FitClub program have been training with one goal in mind: to face the ultimate challenge of crossing the finish line of a 5K or 10K run. The eagerly-anticipated events took  place at Stade TELUS at Université de Laval in Quebec City on May 6, and will continue at Parc Maisonneuve in Montreal on May 8, where host Anaïs Favron will encourage the girls to go that extra mile. The third event takes place in Toronto on May 16 at Downsview Park.

The Quebec City and Montreal events will close out with a huge surprise for the runners when DJ Abeille Gélinas and her sidekick Miss Shelton go head to head in a battle of the DJs. Joining them will be two Waacking artists, Samantha “Princess Shayla” Hinds, and Genny “Foxy Lou”, both from the Canadian chapter of the Imperial House of Waacking. They’ll teach the girls this energetic dance style which at its heart promotes self-expression and self-confidence.

By participating in a program such as FitClub, teenage girls learn to see how positive it is to be physically active and discover all they’re capable of. “After five years’ experience with the program, we see its positive effects on many girls who are in their second or third year of FitClub,” says FitSpirit’s founder Claudine Labelle. “Among these participants, some of whom were never interested in taking part in physical activity before, are girls who are now determined to run the 10K rather than the 5K,” she says.

The unconditional commitment and generosity of Québec en Forme and our founding partners TELUS and Saputo have allowed the FitClub program to grow considerably since the beginning and, in turn, allowed FitSpirit to introduce a growing number of young women to the benefits of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

“Québec en Forme is proud to see the enthusiasm of the young women taking part in the FitClub runs. FitSpirit’s programs contribute to our organization’s mission, which is to mobilize people from all of Quebec society to favour and maintain active living and healthy eating, essential to the full development of Quebec’s youth,” says Julie Dostaler, Acting Director of Québec en Forme.

FitSpirit Press Release (adapted)

FitSpirit is a foundation whose mission is to help teenage girls discover the advantages and enjoyment that come from taking part in physical activity in an environment that is positive, promotes a healthy self-image and is open to everyone. We believe this knowledge will allow them to develop a healthy lifestyle based on realizing their own potential. Since its founding in 2007, FitSpirit has motivated 80,000 adolescent girls in Quebec and Ontario to get moving. And it’s far from over: FitSpirit aims to create awareness among thousands more teenage girls in Quebec and Ontario in 2015!

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