7 years missing, but there’s still hope

7 years missing, but there’s still hope

Quebec City (Quebec) 18 February 2015 – Seven years ago Marilyn Bergeron, then 24 years old, went to buy a coffee at Café Dépôt in St. Romuald on the south shore of Quebec City, and hasn’t been seen since.

Her family still has hope that Marilyn is still out there somewhere and refuses to admit that she may be deceased.

In Quebec, if someone has been missing for more than seven years it is possible to procure an official death certificate, without finding a body as proof.

Marilyn’s family has refused however to start the procedure, since they feel strongly that she is still alive and will be found somewhere in the future.

The day Marilyn disappeared February 17, 2008; she left her home around 11am to take a walk.

She was later seen on an ATM camera at a local bank in her hometown of Lorretteville.

Several hours later she made a transaction at the coffee shop about 20 km from her home in St Romuald.

Jeunesse au Soleil, has renewed a reward for any news that leads to finding Marilyn, to $10,000.

There is a web page in Marilyn Bergeron’s name that can be consulted for any further information.

In the province of Quebec alone, there are 200 pending, unsolved cases of missing persons on file at the present time, including people of all ages up to 83.

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