82-Year Old Christmas Tree Felled

82-Year Old Christmas Tree Felled

An 82-year old tree has been cut down on the land of a young couple in Sawyerville, Estrie.

The tree measures 22 metres which is 4 metres higher than the one from last year, and it weighs more than five tons.

Transported lying on a platform, it is now stored at the Marché de la Gare in Sherbrooke. It will be a few days before it is put back in an upright position and mounted on its base.

The strong winds expected because of hurricane Sandy (the Frankenstorm) mean that it’s too dangerous for the tree to be installed this week. The owners of the tree prefer to wait until the storm has passed.

Trees such as this one are rare but it is mainly a safety issue for people who go to the local market.

The owners entered the big leagues and now compete with New York and the Rockefeller Centre trees. 

November 22 will see the tree light up the night sky (with thousands of lights) for the first time. 

The launch is to coincide with the official opening of the exterior ice rink.
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