$89.5 million to improve Quebec cruise ship terminal

$89.5 million to improve Quebec cruise ship terminal

Quebec City (Quebec) 30 April 2015 – The CEO of the Quebec City Port Authority (APQ), Mario Girard wants to invest almost $90 million to expand the port’s capacity to receive the ever increasing number of cruise ships that are visiting Quebec on their annual scheduled cruises along the east coast.

In the year 2000 the number of passengers who arrived in the city on cruise ships was staked at 55,000, last year that number had increased to 180,000, an increase of 300%. By the year 2025, if the trend continues, M. Girard believes the number could go as high as 400,000.

With that number of visitors, who all come during the summer months, the port is going to need more facilities to ensure the satisfaction of the passengers. The port wants to erect a second terminal building, in the form of an inflatable structure, which would be used only during the summer months.

M. Girard points out that client satisfaction is the key to success when it comes to the cruise-line business, and he doesn’t want passengers to go home disgruntled because of poor facilities or a lack of services in Quebec City which could spoil their stay-over and consequently give the destination a bad name.

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