$9 million for synchronised traffic lights

$9 million for synchronised traffic lights

Traffic_lightsSynchronised traffic lights, coming soon.

Quebec City (Quebec) 28 October 2014 – What better way to control the flow of traffic than by having all green lights at the same time on the busiest arteries in the city at rush hour peaks?

This is the plan for Quebec City’s traffic congestion problem and the system will hopefully be up and running by 2017.

The city is investing $9 million to integrate an “artery management system” that should keep traffic flowing at a much more even rate during the busiest periods of the day. The whole technological network will be controlled from one central terminal using video screens and GPS trackers to survey traffic problem areas and relieve the congestion by simply turning red lights into green.

Imagine you’re sitting in your car waiting on that 60 second red light and all of a sudden it turns green allowing you and everyone behind you to move forward without any human intervention. Or a bus that’s two minutes behind schedule gets two green lights in a row allowing it to catch up for lost time. The city hopes to improve travel through the downtown and parliament areas making it easier for cars and buses to circulate more efficiently, saving time and gas for everyone.

Some of the traffic technology in the older parts of downtown is outdated and has reached its end of life, so the new system comes at a good time.

Even Quebec City mayor Régis Labeaume thinks the money spent will be beneficial in the long run and at the same time will put the city on the right track for the future.

Eventually you will even be able to receive or report traffic jams or inconveniences directly to or from the control room through your cell phone.

If reporting through your cell phone of course, it is understood that you are not driving, but are stuck in traffic somewhere, allowing you to use your phone safely.

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