A $1 billion federal contract for Davie Shipyards?

A $1 billion federal contract for Davie Shipyards?

Lévis (Quebec) 19 May 2015 – The mayor of Lévis, Gilles Lehouillier, is keeping his fingers crossed hoping that Davie Shipyards will get a new contract for the biggest employer of his city.

Davie Shipyards, which has a history of ups and downs as far as employment is concerned, is in need of a solid contract to be able to re-establish itself as a profitable shipbuilding enterprise. Recently, the company laid off another 205 employees due to a lack of work after finishing up a contract for a Norwegian company.

Steven Blaney, the area’s Federal Member of Parliament, says he is doing all he can to convince the Government to allocate a new contract for the Royal Canadian Navy to Davie. The Mayor reiterated to a group of supporters on the weekend that he has full confidence in Mr. Blaney.

The new contract would be to transform a container ship into a Navy Supply ship and could reap in a substantial profit for the company if they get the go ahead.

Some say the move is a political one since Federal elections are coming up in the fall, but the Mayor says it is all a matter of economics and could only benefit the region in terms of employment and economic growth. According to M. Blaney, “buying a ship is not like buying a package of gum; it takes time and logistics planning before a contract can be handed out.”

Davie Shipyards won the top prize last year for the best shipyards of the year by the prestigious magazine Lloyd’s List.

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