A cardiology first in Quebec

A cardiology first in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 October, 2014 – Breakthrough in the treatment of mitral insufficiency: the Graduate Institute of Cardiology and Pneumology Quebec recently performed the first implantation of a mitral valve by catheter.

The patient, aged 66, is doing well and two other cases followed, with success. The IUCPQ becomes at the same time a world leader in this new technology.

What was a “great first for Quebec” in August has become a big second … then third operation. The establishment, in August, of mitral valve by catheter in the patient André Boivin, a resident of downtown Quebec aged 66, opened the door to other similar operations.

The expansion of this technique should benefit many other people with mitral insufficiency who are at high surgical risk.

The technique, which was used for the eighth time in the world in the case of André Boivin, avoids opening the chest and surgically intervening without the need to stop the heart. The procedure is performed by making an incision the size of a quarter on the left side of the thorax.

The valve, in “parachute” (“it must be anchored to prevent it leaves with the blood flow,” says one of the cardiologists responsible) is inserted through a catheter under echo cardio-graphic control. The transaction is also guided by fluoroscopy.

Mitral insufficiency is an abnormal reflux of blood in the mitral valve. According to cardiologists IUCPQ, 50,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in the country, including 250 treated at the Institute for conventional surgery.

Two months after surgery, Mr. Boivin has had an “adjustment of medication” and followed up with how the valve behaves.

His doctors attest to improved functional abilities.

Since two other patients have had the procedure, Robert De Larochellière, director of the Multidisciplinary Cardiology Department of IUCPQ, hopes to take the new technology to another level.

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