A denim brand built in Quebec for women

A denim brand built in Quebec for women

Warren Green describes Montreal as the Paris of North America. That’s not a bad place to be when you’re running a fashion brand.

Green is the founder and president of Golden Girls Clothing, a women’s clothing brand that focuses on providing comfortable, stylish jeans for women of all ages.

For Green, his brand comes down to one word.

“Its all about comfort,” he said. “Many other companies have tried to achieve this and I don’t feel anybody has come out with a jean that compares.”

Green is a veteran of the Montreal fashion industry, getting his start working in a textile mill 30 years ago. But after a few years, Green said he felt like he needed a change.

GoldenGirls_Jeans“I was 27 years old and totally not motivated in what I was doing,” he said.

After speaking with a friend who was making denim for women, he learned that there was a big gap in the market for children’s denim. His friend said he would show him the ropes of how to style the jeans, and things kept progressing from there.

“I had nothing to lose and I took him up on it, that was the beginning of my career in the fashion industry,” he said.

Green said that the idea of Golden Girls Clothing came about because of his mother.

“At the time, she was 83 years old and she mentioned to me that her and her friends cannot find jeans to fit them properly and can’t understand why we don’t make jeans for their ages,” he said. “The idea really opened my eyes that nobody was taking care of a whole age group.”

Six months later, after developing the fabric and the style, he launched Golden Girls Clothing. But even after it’s birth, market demands changed what the company eventually became.

“In the onset it was supposed to be a line of jeans catering to women 50 and over, but to our surprise and with the help of the yoga influence, the market age has dropped to 30 and over,” he said.

As Golden Girls Clothing grew, Green expanded the brand to include different types of styles and started shipping across North America. He said he plans on expanding to the United Kingdom in the coming years.

Even as the brand takes off, Green said he stays true to his roots of being what he calls a “jeaner.”

“A jeaner is someone who is totally involved in the denim market, we are totally different and unique compared to someone who is in the garment industry or is a garmento,” he said. “Denim fabric is difficult to understand and most people don’t know how to work with it or sew it, besides the fact that you don’t know how denim will react until after you wash it.”

For this industry veteran and jeaner, the chance to create new products is what makes coming to the office each day a treat.

“Working on a new project from the infant stage and seeing it grow up is very inspiring and exciting,” he said.

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