A documentary for Cédrika Provencher

A documentary for Cédrika Provencher

Trois-Rivières (Quebec) 9 June 2015 – Back in July of 2007 a little girl by the name of Cédrika, disappeared from her neighbourhood in Trois-Rivières at the age of nine, and has never been seen since. Her photo and bio have been on every missing person’s poster ever published and still constitutes an amber alert.

Over the years some information has come in as to who could be her abductor but, nothing concrete enough has been tallied to pin the event on any one individual. Her parents have been living in limbo for over seven years but have never given up hope of finding their daughter.

The case has pretty much become a cold-case for the authorities so a local film producer and director have decided to make a documentary film about the case. Director Stéphane Parent, and producer Ugo Fredette hope to rekindle the story and at the same time maybe provoke some new clues or evidence that could lead to an arrest or to finding the lost girl. Cédrika’s father, Martin is participating in the making of the film.

The duo had already made a similar movie called November 1984, about a murder suspect and his victims, of which there were seven, including one of which has never been found. The new movie suggests that the same person may be the culprit in the abduction of Cédrika, since he had apparently moved to Trois-Rivières just before her disappearance.

The production team is hoping the movie will encourage some people to come forward with information who may not have done so in the past. The well known lawyer Marc Bellemare, who is also involved in the making of the movie suggests, that quite often people don’t come forward in celebrated cases for fear of being called upon as witnesses having to appear in court.

The movie will be ready for showing near the end of 2016, more than 8 years after the event.

Information regarding the abduction of Cédrika can be found at this website, http://mcsc.ca/cases/cedrika-provencher.

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