A fireman’s view on the tragedy of Lac-Megantic

A fireman’s view on the tragedy of Lac-Megantic

Quebec held its breath last July while in the middle of night , one of the largest train derailments to occur in North America struck the small town of Lac- Megantic , killing 47 innocent people .

While lives stopped, firefighters prepared to live one of the fiercest battles of their careers.

In the first minutes, forty firefighters from Lac- Megantic and  the vicinity had to quickly evacuate half of 6,000 residents.

For the first time, the television show J.E.  presented new images shot in the red zone , within hours of the train tragedy.

There were also testimonies from firefighters, who were called in to fight the fire and search for victims.

Eighty fire departments participated in the battle. In the early hours, 150 firefighters took turns in an area covered of oil.

The tragedy of Lac- Megantic caused no casualties among firefighters.
It also made it possible to forge strong links between the different rescue services.
A very small crumb of comfort in an otherwise horrendous situation.

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