A free meal for the young homeless

A free meal for the young homeless

Quebec City, (Quebec) 19 November 2014. – The owners of an Asian style restaurant have decided to allow some less fortunate kids to enjoy a meal in their restaurant once a month on a Saturday or a Sunday to do their part for society.

It’s a good deed mission undertaken by the two owners of the Win Resto Pub close to University Laval. After seeing an article about the “Marginal”, a mobile restaurant that travels around the city offering soup and snacks to kids living on the streets, the two girls Win and Kwen Lephan, thought of the idea to help out with cause.

They contacted Le Marginal and set up a deal to bring some of the kids to their restaurant for a one time meal with soup and main course which they feel will be better than eating hot dogs and chips on a regular basis.

The owners of the restaurant remember being poor and having to live off of handouts from time to time when they were living in the Saint Sauveur area during their youth and figure that now that things are better they can help someone else who is in need.

The couple are also going to prepare a good quantity of soup that the cantine (Marginal) can serve to the young during their weekly rounds.

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