A Message From London

A Message From London

Festive Missive From Buckingham Palace

Dear Chaps,

It has come to One’s attention that there is a new English-language publication (predominantly English, Ed) now available to the loyal subjects of Lower Canada – or whatever it’s called these days.

The Royal Household have had a jolly good read of the first issue of Life in Quebec Magazine, and, suffice to say, as we’re suitably impressed, it can currently be found on top of the pile of similar colonial correspondence in the Throne Room, East Wing, bottom floor, third room on the left. Which is praise indeed, as most of these types of periodicals are usually used by footmen, for canine-related sanitary purposes, when chasing after One’s corgis.

It’s clearly been quite the year for you in Quebec, what with the new government and that trouble with the pot-banging rabble.  It is our will and pleasure to express to you our satisfaction that some semblance of order seems to have been re-established in proper Commonwealth fashion.

Good luck with everything for 2013, and if Phil and I do plan on popping for a visit, we’re safe in the knowledge that we’ll be able to count on Quebec’s celebrated hospitality and continued loyal support.

God Save The Queen Me,

Lizzie Windsor


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  1. jobp
    jobp 21 December, 2012, 07:29

    Great piece, I.m sure she’s pleased. Now watch out for the paparazzi.

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