A mosaic of lights in old Limoilou

A mosaic of lights in old Limoilou

On December 7th at around 4pm the old sector of Limoilou will be lighting up its streets and alleys with a light display which could be considered a New Urban Art form. As a Christmas treat, the CDS(Societe de development commercial 3e ave) has arranged for every house and building along 3rd ave east, to be lit up with different colours all blending together to exemplify a colourful Holiday atmosphere.

Different companies were contracted to present their ideas and after several tests and some failures later, they came up with an idea to illuminate each balcony of each house in a different colour having the colours change as the evening goes on. Taking into consideration the power source they had available they managed to turn the street lights off but still keep the sidewalks lit enough for people to navigate safely and at the same time offer the spectators a light show never before seen in these parts.

Using small projectors and computers the company Solotech will be in charge of the unique display and together with the cooperation of the store owners and residents it should be quite a spectacular show of lights.

It may not be the city of lights but it will be lights of the city for sure.

The lighting up ceremony will be at the corner of 3rd ave east and de la Canardière at 4pm, on Dec 7th with a couple of speeches and some magic balloons for the kids. The show of lights is from 3rd street to 13th street, not to confuse 3rd ave with 3rd street as Limoilou is divided into streets and avenues which may have the same numbers. 3rd ave east is a street lined with boutiques and restaurants and has kind of a “rive gauche” atmosphere to it.

The display will stay in operation until after the holidays.
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