A mother stabs an ex-boyfriend visiting their daughter

A mother stabs an ex-boyfriend visiting their daughter

Quebec (Quebec) 2 December 2014 – The father of a young girl, who was under protection by a child family services home in Limoilou, was attacked by the mother of the child when he came to visit his daughter on a supervised pre-scheduled meeting.

The father, 40, was supposed to meet his daughter at 1pm Sunday afternoon but, when he arrived at the home, his ex-girlfriend and mother of the child, lashed out at him with a knife stabbing him several times and injuring him enough that an ambulance was called to transport him to hospital.

The woman, identified as Sara Habel, 33 had gotten word of the meeting, which is usually kept secret, and was waiting for her ex in the parking lot.

After the attack she left the scene on foot but, was found about an hour later around the Carrefour Charlesbourg shopping centre where she was arrested for attempted murder.

She had apparently tried to take refuge at the home of another ex-boyfriend who wanted no part of the situation.

The child, who fortunately did not witness the attack, has been in the custody of Child Protection since the parents were not able to care for her in a normal manner.

Ms. Habel will appear in court today on charges of attempted murder.

The area where the attack took place, 1st Ave and 5th St. in Limoilou, was the scene of another murder which took place in May of this year and this last incident is the third attempted murder case in the same area since July.

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