A Mural for the New Arena

A Mural for the New Arena

The time has come to choose a painting for the entrance hall to the new amphitheater presently under construction in Quebec City and the city has sent out a notice asking all interested parties to submit their ideas or design to a judging committee who will make a decision within the next month. The deadline for all entries is approaching and a final choice will be made from the top five submissions.

The committee wants ingenuity, inventiveness, and technology on the forefront, but at the same time wants something spectacular and impressive to welcome all patrons to the new sports center. The more imaginative one can be the more interesting the result should turn out keeping in mind that it is a sports arena which would normally instigate some kind of reference to the sporting world.The winning entry will receive a contract of $398,635 with the final work being inaugurated at the same time as the doors open on the new stadium in September 2015.

In total, the Government is putting up $1.5 million for all the artwork installed in the building, including an outdoor mural which will be decided on at a later date.

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