A new DUI test, in case you’re driving while drugged

A new DUI test, in case you’re driving while drugged

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 November 2014 – As if the breathalyser test wasn’t enough, there is a new ‘out to getcha’ gadget to determine whether or not you’re driving under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, heroin or even amphetamines. It’s called Drugwipe or Drugtest and the Federal Government is about to introduce a new amendment to the criminal code to allow the use of the new gadget by police forces across the country.

They are already being used in countries such as Australia and France.

Like the breathalyser, police will be able to stop you and ask to take a sample of your saliva to detect whether or not you have taken some sort of illegal drug while driving. The results are instantaneous, just like the breathalyser, allowing the officer to detain the driver on the spot.

The old method of asking a driver to take a physical test, like walking a straight line or touching your nose with your finger, will become taboo with the new detectors.

The new gadget is not completely flawless leaving the door open for legal battles if the results are not necessarily conclusive.

In most cases however the two devices are infallible and have been found to be very efficient from tests done in Europe.

Other tests are being performed by the RCMP, here in Canada, and the whole idea is being fully supported by the Mothers against Drunk (Drugged) Driving, (MADD) lobbying group.

The new change to the law will be most likely tabled in May 2015. The timing is important because the Liberal Government has said they would legalize marijuana if they were to become the next government.

The NDP would like a clause pertaining to the amount of drugs used by any one individual.

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