A new president for the Quebec Bar Association

A new president for the Quebec Bar Association

Quebec City (Quebec) 25 May 2015 – After holding its bi-annual elections, the Quebec Bar Association has finally, after six months of electronic voting, chosen a new president in the name of Me Lu Chan Khuong.

Ms. Khuong holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She was formerly the vice-president of the Barreau du Québec and was elected with 62.91 % of voters support. Only 44.45% of the 25,000 Bar members took part in the voting process which was for the first time conducted electronically through the internet. The only other candidate, Me Luc Deshaies from the Montreal law firm Gowling, accepted his loss gracefully.

The new president, who will be replacing Me Bernard Synnott, wants to run a tighter ship by reducing the administration redundancy, and avoiding unnecessary expenses. She will be sworn in as the new president on June 18th together with the other new members who were elected during the voting period from May 5th to the 22nd.

The new president has been practicing administrative law in Quebec since 1998 and is the wife of Me Marc Bellemare, who at one time held public political office and entered into a court case with the Quebec Liberal party.

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