A new type of pressure tactic for Quebec region’s schools

A new type of pressure tactic for Quebec region’s schools

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 April 2015 – With the on-going budget cuts to the province’s education and health systems, the schools in the Quebec City region have decided they will introduce a new type of pressure tactic that may or may not work. The idea is basically to teach less and dedicate more of their time to recess and lunch breaks. In other words, there would be longer recesses and less time in the classroom for the kids, which would probably make them very happy, especially since the nice weather is finally here.

Not all the school boards are on the same page however as to how they will implement the actions. La Commission scolaire des Découvreurs and des Navigateurs which have schools on the north and south shores of Quebec City will extend their morning recesses by 10 minutes every Tuesday and Friday of every week. La Commission de la Capitale and des Premieres-Seigneuries who serve downtown and Beauport, will only do their ten minute extension once a month on Tuesdays but twice on the same day.

The strategy is rather mild when compared to other years when teachers literally walked off their jobs shutting down schools for days at a time. At least with these new procedures the impact on parents will be minimal if not invisible, and the kids will most likely get more exercise in the long run.

As long as the curriculums are maintained there shouldn’t be any real impact on the young aspiring generation which will be the future of the province, Canada, and beyond.

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