A Night at the Hockey – The Good, The Bad and the Just Plain Disrespectful

A Night at the Hockey – The Good, The Bad and the Just Plain Disrespectful

My 7-year old daughter badgered me into taking her and a couple of friends to the hockey game at the Colisée Pepsi last weekend.

So, having recently gotten into the sport, I thought ‘why not?’

I must stress here that I’m a thiry-something, sports-mad, Brit, having moved to Quebec three and a half years ago.
Hockey does exist where I’m from, and I did used to play it, just not on ice.
Playing and watching this addictive sport is a whole new experience, and one that has been (so far) an extremely enjoyable one.

RempartsTickets_2012I purchased the tickets (meilleurs disponibles) and hoped for the best.

That usually means you’re going to get fleeced or be left with well, what’s left.

The Build Up

7pm, Saturday April 7th, 2012 at the Colisée Pepsi, the Quebec Remparts faced off against the Halifax Mooseheads in game 2 of the second round of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League 2012 playoffs.

With the Remparts leading 1-0 in the best of 7 match-up, there was everything to play for.
RempartsMatch_2012We got excellent seats, not too far away from the action.

There was beer available in abundance, so I thought it best to follow the crowd (baaah) and take some to my seat.
It even came in a Remparts glass – nice touch.

Complete Lack of Class

With the 12,300+ crowd settled into their seats, a group of 20 or so elementary school children filed on to the ice, and directed by their teacher, began to sing the Canadian National Anthem.

At this point I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and seeing – as soon as the kids began, the vast majority of the partisan crowd made as much noise as possible in order to drown out the anthem.
This continued until the kids, valiantly trying their best, had finished.

I could see the teacher’s look of resignation as she ushered her charges off the ice.

RempartsBeerWhat saddens me about that episode is not such much disrespecting the anthem (thoughts and feelings by residents of this part of Canada are well documented elsewhere), but that the noisemakers chose to disrespect the school children.
By acting the way they did, they did exactly that. As loudly as they possibly could.

I’d wager that some of them were parents themselves, probably with children of a similar age to those singing.

To my mind, that behaviour is nothing short of shameful and is most definitely not something I’d like my kids to witness again in a hurry.

I must say though, from here on in, it got a whole lot better…

The Game

What a game.

With the Mooseheads leading 3-2 with 20 seconds of the 3rd period remaining, and the game seemingly in the bag for Halifax, one of their defencemen inexplicably chose to dump the puck and give away a penalty.

With 19.9 seconds remaining, Quebec Remparts‘ Logan Shaw levelled the match and sent the tie into overtime – and the home fans into delirium in the process.

Overtime – If you’re a Remparts fan, things got exciting.

With 10 minutes left, Jérémie Malouin scored the winning goal.

If you want to see what 12,330+ fans look like when celebrating a winning goal, look no further:

The Remparts Winning Goal – 12,300+ Quebec Hockey Fans Going Absolutely Nuts

The atmosphere was electric and the noise (this time) was relevant, warranted and absolutely deafening.

Shaw, Malouin, Desjardins and Grigorenko netted for the home team on the night.

What a game. At $18.50, what immense value for money.

I guarantee that if a certain other team makes a reappearance in Quebec City sometime soon, you’ll be paying ten times that amount for a ticket and you may not get to experience such highs as on a night like this.

Would I go again. In a heartbeat.

Go Remparts Go.

Patrick Roy’s men now lead the series 2-0 and head to Halifax, Nova Scotia for games 3 and 4 on April 10th and 11th.

Should further games be needed, they will be on April 13th (Halifax Metro Centre) and 16th and 17th in Quebec City.

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