A once in a lifetime ‘Festival du Tank d’Escuminac’

A once in a lifetime ‘Festival du Tank d’Escuminac’

Escuminac (Quebec) 1 September 2015 – In a small town in the Baie-des-Chaleurs area of the Gaspé Peninsula, a vehicle, buried in the ground, has been discovered by a local photographer/artist by the name of Maryse Goudreau.

All she can see for now is a couple of wheels and a track leading her to think that it is some kind of military tank or tracked vehicle.

Being an artist, at first she simply wanted to make some kind of sculpture or artwork with what she can see above the ground.

After making some inquiries, through neighbours and some elders from the area, it has been discovered that the vehicle was probably being used by a local sawmill to haul wood back and forth and may have been bought from the military some years ago. According to the identifiable parts and some serial numbers it was originally a troop carrier.

After giving it some thought, she has decided to call in some friends and neighbours to try and dig out and pull the old ‘tank’ out of its resting place and resurrect it as a monument to something.

She has decided to make it a ‘Festival du Tank’ which will take place on the weekend of September 18th to 20th.

Once the vehicle is pulled out and examined on the Sunday, there will be a pig roast (méchoui) with beer and wine to celebrate the results, whatever they may be.

Escuminac is a small town of 600 people, on the interior of the Gaspé Peninsula and is an area where sawmills and lumber mills are abundant.

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