A rolling Quebec medical clinic called SPOT

A rolling Quebec medical clinic called SPOT

Quebec City (Quebec) 29 June 2015 – There are some people living in the Quebec region, mostly immigrants, who either have no health insurance card and/or no access to the health services that we are all so used to. Often they have no family and don’t speak either French or English.

Hence the appearance of a little RV called “La Bohème” which is a rolling health clinic, complete with a doctor, a nurse, and usually an interpreter. Working under the direction of an organisation called SPOT and sponsored by St. Vincent de Paul and Telus, the adapted camper visits seven different areas in the city where it is most needed. Each day of the week it is scheduled for a specific area and the people concerned know when it is coming and await for their medical exam with impatience.

The coordinator for SPOT, Nathalie Bouchard explains that there is a specific need for such a service, and it is not always obvious just how difficult it is to go to a hospital when you have no idea how the system works, or don’t speak the language. She has a team who is patient, understanding and accepts anyone who needs their services. There are seven doctors and 85 students from Laval University who make the whole thing work on a daily basis.

The team supplies regular exams, for coughs, asthma or minor cuts and bruises and also initiates a medical record history for each patient for whom there was none before. It is not a travelling hospital, and if anyone needs more treatment there are other people who will accompany a patient to a place where they can be treated for their more serious ailments.

It’s nice to know there are services like this available to those who are less fortunate than most of us.

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