A tunnel between Lévis & Québec City?

A tunnel between Lévis & Québec City?

The City of Lévis, just across the river from Québec City has proposed to build a tunnel between the two cities which would offer a second route to the south shore other than the one bridge that already exists. The project has come up before in years past but never got off the ground as a realistic endeavor. A second bridge, off of Isle of Orleans, was always the more popular solution. There is also a ferry service but, it is used very little and costs a lot of money to run and maintain; there has even been talk of discontinuing the service because of continual budget cuts.

Lévis’ Chamber of Commerce presented the tunnel idea last week with a feasibility study saying the project would cost in the neighbourhood of $500 million. The Mayor of Québec City on the other hand, although he is open to the idea, thinks the cost would be more in the $2 to $5 billion range because of the depth the tunnel would have to be and the expropriation of lands that would be involved, and he had some harsh words for Lévis’ city officials, calling their estimates asinine and ridiculous. The consultation was done in 2000 and we are now 14 years later making the estimate completely out of date. Important to mention here that both Québec’s major political parties would back the project.

Lévisiens are not discouraged however, and are quite happy to know that at least Mayor Labeaume is willing to set up a committee to study the matter and agrees that a second link between the two cities would be beneficial for everyone, whether it be another bridge or a tunnel.

UPDATE: See story update of new developments regarding cost and operation of the tunnel here.

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