Abandoned Québec City building goes down in flames

Abandoned Québec City building goes down in flames

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 December 2015 – On Friday night, an apartment building was destroyed by Québec firefighters using an excavator, in order to prevent the fire that started there from spreading to other buildings in close vicinity. The operation took place in the borough of Beauport, Québec City, around midnight.

Firefighters were called to the scene at around 8:50. They went to Rue Brideau after a neighbor saw smoke coming from the second floor of the building.

About 45 firefighters were called to take part in the intervention. When they arrived, flames were coming out of the second floor window and began to spread through the roof, said Annie Marmen, spokesperson for the Service de protection contre l’incendie de Québec.

No one in the neighborhood was bothered by smoke or flames and the authorities were not required to evacuate the area.

The fire had to be controlled from the outside of the building only, because a civil security notice from the city dating back to 2013 indicated that it was too dangerous to enter. Since firefighters were unable to control the flames with the sheer force of the water from the hoses, an excavator was required in order to destroy the building.

Two years ago, the building in question was evacuated due to permanent land subsidence and instability of soils in the area.

An investigator was dispatched on the scene to determine the cause of the fire. On Saturday morning, a hypothesis on his part has yet to be confirmed.

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